KYLATT establishes itself as a premium oil at an event which fuses music and gastronomy in Barcelona

14 de November de 2022


The Michelin starred chef Oriol Ivern and composer Miqui Puig discuss the combination of the two arts

Barcelona, 10 November 2022 – The Special Selection extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) KYLATT 2022-2023, by Molí d’Alcanó (Fruits de Ponent Cooperative Group), appeared today in Barcelona at a ceremony, KYLATT Golden Hour, which fused two arts, music and gastronomy, at the hands of the Michelin starred chef Oriol Ivern and composer Miqui Puig. The event –held in an atmosphere of Mediterranean essence, at the centrally located Belbo Terrenal– helped this EVOO establish itself in the Catalan capital as a superior-category premium oil with an international and cosmopolitan vision and shone a spotlight on the quality of this type of product.


The Managing Director of the Fruits de Ponent Cooperative Group, Josep Presseguer, affirmed that KYLATT is an oil of excellent quality and with the added value of bearing the cooperative gene, supported by the effort and drive of the member producers.


With over a hundred attendants, Ivern and Puig discussed the fusion of the two arts, music and gastronomy, and how each serves as a source of inspiration for the other. In a conversation moderated by the journalist and writer Joana Bonet, the two artists explained how this oil had inspired them and described it as a reflection of “the artisanship of the land”.


To pair the two disciplines after the conversation, a gastromusical show was performed with the tasting of three tapas made exclusively by Ivern: artichokes with anchovy pil-pil and caviar, mullets with mollusc mayonnaise and KYLATT flakes. An experience accompanied by the KYLATT Golden Hour Spotify playlist crafted by Puig, inspired by oil and blending styles such as pop, soul, trap and a few classics.