Molí d'Alcanó
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Oriol Ivern

"Kylatt és un producte tan personal, amb tant caràcter, que ens ajuda a transmetre coses al nostre restaurant"
Xef de l'Hisop, Barcelona restaurant with Michelin star

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KYLATT is the result of the union of the best selection of Arbequina olives from the fields of Alcanó, the expertise of the technicians of the Molí d’Alcanó and the passion for gastronomy of chef Oriol Ivern (from Barcelona, restaurant Hisop​​ with Michelin star). Awarded with different medals.

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Essence, personality and character, the special features of Or de Ponent products that will ensure that your meals do not go unnoticed.

Experience, learn and be inspired with Molí d’Alcanó extra virgin olive oil.

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