KYLATT wins the grand prestige gold at the 2023 Terraolivo Awards in Israel

29 de June de 2023


KYLATT premiat al concurs internacional d’oli d’oliva al Mediterrani, Terraolivo IOOC 2023 Awards.

KYLATT, the premium olive oil produced by Molí d’Alcanó of the Fruits de Ponent Cooperative Group, has received the Grand Prestige Gold at the Mediterranean international olive oil competition, Terraolivo 2023.

The Terraolivo Mediterranean IOOC is a competition with a wide reputation and recognition among international and Israeli extra virgin olive oil professionals. In recent years, it has become one of the most important and influential competitions in the sector. With a panel of experts from around the world, Terraolivo IOOC is known for its impartiality and rigour in the evaluation of the world’s best olive oils.

The Grand Prestige Gold awarded to KYLATT is one of the highest recognitions that the panel of experts can award to an olive oil. This accolade highlights the oil’s positive qualities in various attributes, such as fruitiness, bitterness and pungency. The excellent score obtained by KYLATT attests to its excellence in these aspects and reaffirms Molí d’Alcanó’s commitment to producing a high quality olive oil.

This last award joins the other two prizes already received this year by KYLATT. The olive oil has won the Audience Award for Best Oil at the Oil Fair of Les Borges and the Gold Medal at the New York World Olive Oil Awards, consolidating its position as one of the best olive oils in the world.

Molí d’Alcanó of the Fruits de Ponent Cooperative Group celebrates this new honour, which attests to its constant effort and dedication to offer an exceptional product to consumers. KYLATT is the fruit of the collective labour and expertise of the entire team, from the farmers to the technicians and artisans involved in the production process.