Zwilling-KYLATT: a collaboration launched in Bilbao

28 de June de 2023


KYLATT, the Special Selection extra virgin olive oil by Molí d’Alcanó of the Fruits de Ponent Cooperative Group, has embarked on a collaboration with the group Zwilling and will be present at the German brand’s main shopping spaces in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao.

Oil tasting in Bilbao:

The process of expanding and disseminating KYLATT is now enhanced by a collaboration with Zwilling, placing KYLATT in the shops owned by the German multinational in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao. The Fruits de Ponent Cooperative Group and Zwilling have initiated this collaboration to display this top-quality EVOO in its shop environments. In addition to the product’s exhibition, KYLATT will participate in some of the “Gastro-Dates” organised by Zwilling, which feature tastings and demonstrations to inform the specialised press on the new developments of the brand and its partners.

Oil tasting in Bilbao:

Bilbao has been the starting point of this collaboration with an oil tasting led by the well-known Michelin-Star chef Oriol Ivern, of the prestigious restaurant Hisop in Barcelona. We are thrilled to have had the chance to present KYLATT at this unique tasting opportunity in the city of Bilbao, which marked the start of this strategic alliance with Zwilling. Now, with the establishment of KYLATT in Zwilling’s main shop-showrooms in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, we hope to bring the excellence of our EVOO to an even broader public throughout the country.

About Zwilling:

The story of Zwilling dates back to 1731, and it is now one of the oldest brands in Europe. All its products are specifically designed for their use, accompanied by top-quality designs to guarantee their perfect execution. The brand’s primary aim is to achieve the highest levels of quality, durability, ease of handling, safety and hygiene. With over 25,000 sales points all around the world, Zwilling Iberia runs 3 flagship shops in Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao.