Fruits de Ponent participates in the United Nations Summit and expresses its commitment to people and the planet

18 de June de 2021

El Grup Cooperatiu Fruits de Ponent participa per primera vegada als Leaders Summit (Cimera de Líders) del Pacte Mundial (Global Compact) de les Nacions Unides.


L’Or de Ponent forms part of the Cooperative Group

The Cooperative Group Fruits de Ponent, to which L’Or de Ponent belongs, has participated this week in the United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit. In his speech, the Group’s CEO, Josep Presseguer, reiterated Fruits de Ponent’s commitment to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

In this vein, Presseguer also remarked that “the mission of the agricultural sector in general, and our group in particular, is to produce healthy food in a sustainable way and contribute to society’s well-being”. Thus, the way the group works is based on its “cooperative DNA”, remaining “loyal to the principles of self help, self responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. Our cooperative ecosystem is based on 100% democratic governance in which every member has a vote with equal rights and responsibilities”.

Likewise, the CEO of Fruits de Ponent also affirmed that “we subscribe to and assume the 10 principles declared in the United Nations Global Compact of 2000”, with special attention to “supporting, respecting and protecting, on behalf of the company, the internationally recognised fundamental human rights”.

As for sustainability, Presseguer emphasised that “the challenges of companies like ours are irremediably linked to respect for the planet”, since “it is impossible to produce healthy, sustainable food without fertile soil, without good management of hydrological resources, without biodiversity, without access to fair trade, without dignified work for our workers”.

To conclude, the CEO assured that the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 2030 Agenda can be found “in every nook and cranny of our organisation”.

The Summit consists in an annual meeting held by the UN in New York, although this year, due to the pandemic, it was held online. Fruits de Ponent was the only Spanish farm cooperative attending the event.