Molí d’Alcanó presents the KYLATT of the new harvest

11 de December de 2023


A ‘special selection’ oil with an internationally awarded quality.

The new KYLATT has been presented with a guided tasting by the researcher Agustí Romero, in Alcanó

KYLATT is the extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) of the Molí d’Alcanó Special Selection of the Ponent Fruits Cooperative Group, with its own personality and different nuances and aromas.

This afternoon the new KYLATT of the 2023-24 campaign was presented in the Alcanó Sala Polivalent, with a guided tasting by Agustí Romero, IRTA researcher in the fruit-growing program and specialist in olive growing, and approximately 100 attendees. Then, to enliven the day, a snack of bread, chocolate and oil was offered to all present.

According to the Catalan Tasting Panel, it is a rich oil, with a noticeable bitterness, a hint of spiciness and vegetable-type aromas, with sensations of garden plants (tomato and artichoke), nuances of fennel or green banana, as well as light touches of almond, which modulates its sweetness.

It is an oil made from 100% Arbequina olives from selected fields in Alcanó, from members of the Cooperative Group which is part of the Garrigues PDO, harvested at the beginning of October, and at dawn, in order to preserve the freshness, and cold-pressed once harvested. All of this results in a rich, complex, robust oil, with powerful sensations.

In addition, the level of natural antioxidants is sufficient to ensure a long shelf life, which, over time, can lead to an increase in the richness and complexity of the aromatic sensations.

It is an oil made from Arbequina olives from selected fields and cold-pressed, which is already established in the most significant markets and shops of the county town.

As well as this, since its creation, the quality of this oil has been awarded nationally and internationally in different competitions, from the Audience Award for Best Oil at the Borges Blanques Oil Fair, to the Gold Medal from the New York World Olive Oil Awards, passing through awards at different international competitions such as Berlin, London, Paris, or Terraolivo IOOC Mediterrani, thus consolidating its position as one of the best olive oils in the world.

And this is also demonstrated by the Michelin Star chef, Oriol Ivern, who has introduced KYLATT oil into haute cuisine, specifically at the Hisop restaurant in Barcelona.

Behind this oil is a confirmed constant effort and a dedication to offer an exceptional product to consumers. KYLATT is the result of collective work, and the expertise of the entire team, from the farmers to the technicians and the artisans involved in the production process.

You can buy it online at, and at the physical agro-shops of the Ponent Fruits Cooperative Group. Also, the Molí d’Alcanó shop will remain open on the holidays of the 6th, 8th, 10th, 17th and 24th of December, where you can find everything from KYLATT oil to other cooperative products, whether in different formats of oil, or from the range of dried fruits and jams.

If you are looking for an oil with essence, presence and authenticity, an intense Garrigues Arbequina oil, KYLATT is your best option!