Molí d'Alcanó:


Ecological transition

Molí d’Alcanó has embraced the ecological transition. The old millstones, witnesses of generations of olive oil production, have given way to state-of-the-art innovation. With sustainable agricultural practices and the use of renewable energy sources, Molí d’Alcanó is focused towards a greener and brighter future.

Sustainable manufacturing processes

From ancient fields to modern crops irrigated with precision, Molí d’Alcanó preserves the freshness of the olives with care. The cold pressing process, using sustainable technology, results in an extra virgin oil of excellent quality. Sustainability is essential in every stage of the process, as is the use of environmentally friendly materials and a vision of respect for the earth. Taking care of the fruit, the olive, to be able to extract the best oil is key. Aspects such as freshness, the selection of the best olives and good management in the oil mill, where the master miller and quality technicians take care of even the smallest detail of the production process, are fundamental in the traceability of the oil.

Olive pit energy

In this corner of Ponent, even by-products have value. The olive pit is the source of energy that powers Molí d’Alcanó. The olives provide the oil, and the pits fuel the machines. Nothing is wasted. This innovation has not only reduced waste – it has also made the mill an example of how to make the most of available resources.

Agricultural justice and community

Farmers are the reason for Molí’s existence. With an internal participatory governance system, members have an active say in the future of the mill. Fair prices and the elimination of middlemen ensure that benefits are shared equitably and reach farmers directly.

New rurality and collaboration

New rurality is the future. Our members are the engine of viability. Commitment to community and sustainability creates an environment where everyone thrives. New rurality is breathing life into this region, preserving ancient traditions and creating new horizons.

Alcanó and beyond

The olives come from Alcanó and other municipalities in Segrià, such as Sunyer, Alcarràs and Torres de Segre. This geographical diversity translates into a unique palette of flavours, reflecting the diversity and richness of the Ponent territory. Every drop of olive oil from this mill is a testament to the region’s unity and commitment to sustainability.


At Molí d’Alcanó, sustainability is not just a word – it’s a way of doing things consistent with its spirit and its community. It’s a story of innovation, togetherness and love for the land. Molí d’Alcanó is more than a mill, it’s a guardian watching over the future of Ponent, a future built on ecological foundations, justice and community.