The nutritional properties of extra virgin olive oil

28 de May de 2021

Do you know what nutritional values oil, one of the essential elements of the Mediterranean diet has?


Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is one of the Mediterranean diet’s most characteristic foods and a pillar of our gastronomy. EVOO is the juice of the olive; that is, it has undergone no artificial refining processes and carries no form of additives or preservatives. This gives it high nutritional value: a large concentration of antioxidants, vitamins A, D, E and K and healthy fats.

Thus, it is a great ally for our body, as it improves the intestinal absorption of diverse nutrients and helps reduce the risk of developing a cardiovascular illness or diabetes by up to 30%, among other benefits.

Numerous scientific studies can allow us to affirm that the best oil for our health is extra virgin olive oil. One of them, conducted by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, demonstrates how the regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil can delay the progression of breast cancer. But it has yet more beneficial effects: it is anti-inflammatory, regenerating, hydrating and antioxidant.

In this sense, it bears noting that EVOO is also used frequently to care for the skin, because it hydrates, nourishes and exfoliates it. Just as it does to the hair, where it may be applied as a mask.

The most commonly planted variety of olive in our region is the arbequina, with a somewhat mild flavour and taste. The number one rule for a healthy diet is to eat real, unprocessed foods, just like EVOO.